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A Brief Article On Computer Security


The most insecure component of any computer system is the end user. This is the sad but true fact. By educating users, I hope to make the world a safer place.

But, who is the user? That is you, my dear friend, and me. All of us, actually, because as this world progresses, we will all be using computers in some way.

So, how can you be a better user? The answer is to avoid the common pitfalls of computer security. By being a smarter, more alert computer user, your machine will be more secure and safe.

Here are a few suggestions to point you in the right direction.

1. Never open files from people you don't know. If someone tries to send you something through email or instant message and you don't know who they are, don't accept it!

2. Keep your computer up to date. This includes your antivirus software and Windows updates (assuming of course if you use a Windows machine).

3. Don't let friends or family use your account. If they have to use your computer, allow them to use the guest account, or create a limited account for them.

4. Only use your credit card on sites you trust. If the site looks poorly designed or outdated, question its trustworthiness. Also, NEVER use your debit or bank card online. Just about every credit card now has buyer protection. If someone gains access to your debit card number, they can access all of the money in your account.

5. Keep your passwords safe. If you use multiple passwords for different sites, sometimes it is hard to remember them all. Some people have the habit of writing them down. This is fine, assuming no one breaks into your house. But if you do maintain such a list, never leave it lying around your desk. You never know who may see it.


Please note that this article is still under development. This is just a stub placed here in the meantime.