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Recommended Software Downloads


There is alot of good software out there that many people never knew existed. What follows below is a list of software that I recommend. When I fix computers, these are some of the applications and utilities I install for my customers.

Please note that as download locations are always changing, I am not linking to any of these files. Most of them are available on or by searching the Google engine.


Winzip - a pretty good compression utility.

Adobe Acrobat Reader - used to view .pdf files.

Firefox - an excellent web browser.

Audacity - an audio file editor. I use this to make ringtones for my cellular phone.

Itunes - simply the best digital audio organizer out there.

VLC player - an amazing video player. I like it best because I can change the aspect ratio to match my widescreen monitor.

Spybot Search & Destroy - a great spyware remover/ protector.

Ad Aware - another great antispyware utility.

Picasa - a great free photo editor and organizer.

Azureus - my bittorrent client of choice.



Please note that this list is still under development due to time constraints.